Anonymous said: Did you see the After The Burial "nude" picture? It's on facebook, it's definitely fap-able

hahaha no I did not. And for future reference I can not take the term fap-able seriously.

Anonymous said: What's having someone cum on your boobs like? And with reference to the other anon, why wouldn't you want to fuck someone with a dildo?

I don’t really know what to tell you. It’s like someone blew their load on your boobs. It’s warm? If they’re super into then it’s hot, it’s always hot seeing someone being turned on like that.

And I just don’t see any pleasure in that, just not for me I guess. I don’t have any desire to. 

Anonymous said: Would you fuck a girl or a guy with a dildo?


Anonymous said: What about on ya boobs? Would you ever want one?

Yeah, I’ve had someone cum on my boobs before. Would I want a facial? Eh, I wouldn’t actively want one, but if the person I was with was into it I’d definitely give it a try. 

Anonymous said: Have you ever been given a pornstar-style cum facial?

No, I have not. 

Anonymous said: When's the last time you slept naked with someone?

Like fell asleep? I have no idea, it’s been awhile. 

Anonymous said: Best sex you have had?

Two nights ago

Anonymous said: Sexiest thing someone has done to you in bed?

Whispered how much they love fucking me in my ear. 


Jason Butler // letlive.

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